Thursday, October 31, 2019

#8 The Doors (+ Misfits bonus)

1991 Pro Set SuperStars MusiCards #8 The Doors
Pro Set showed plenty of love to The Doors, and now we're on to the 3rd (of 4) consecutive cards they got in the Legends subset. It's a pretty standard band promo photo. Nice of Ray to hunch down a bit to fit in the SuperStars logo.

The back features another posed band photo and a little write-up on how the guys got together.

Doors - "People Are Strange"

Since I've said pretty much all I've got to say about the Doors over the previous couple posts, I thought I'd take a look at other trading cards that card-collecting Doors fans might have on their radar.

As far as I can tell, there aren't other mainstream Doors cards out there (please correct me in the comments if I'm wrong), but I've found a couple Jim Morrison oddballs:

Jim Morrison 2006 Music Sales Ltd Rock Trumps (pic from TCDB)
Jim Morrison 2012 Aquarius Dean Russo Pop Culture Playing Cards #6H (pic from COMC)
If you go searching for Jim Morrison cards, there are plenty of results that pop up... but they're mostly of other people named Jim Morrison who might seem strange to Doors fans:

In hockey, Jim Morrison (James Stewart Hunter Morrison) played in over 700 NHL games in a career on the ice that stretched from 1952 to 1973.

In baseball, Jim Morrison (James Forrest Morrison) was an infielder who played in the majors from 1977-1988.
Another Jim Morrison (James H. Morrison) played in the minors 1986-1993, though he never made the bigs.

And there are plenty of other prominent Jim/James Morrisons in history who probably don't have trading cards.

I think you'd have to be a majorly obsessed Doors fan to collect cards of other guys named Jim Morrison, but it could be a fun "minicollection" to work on. The hockey Jim Morrison cards can set you back a few bucks (with many of which being vintage hockey cards from the 50s and 60s), though the baseball Jim Morrison cards are plentiful and generally inexpensive.

Other than any Jim Morrison cards in my baseball setbuilds, I've got only one other card in my collection that makes me think of the Doors...

Scored this 2015 Allen & Ginter framed mini autograph in a big trade a few years ago. Val Kilmer of course portrayed Morrison in the 1991 biopic directed by Oliver Stone.

The film received mixed reviews, but I liked it a lot. My buddy Doug owned it on VHS and would pop it in from time to time.


Misfits 1991 MusiCards-That-Never-Were (vers. 1)
The Misfits might not have a direct link to The Doors, but I've always thought Glenn Danzig's voice reminded me of Jim Morrison. Like, if a young Jim Morrison started a punk band, it'd probably sound something like the Misfits. (Ultimately, both probably owed a debt to Elvis Presley for their vocal style.) And plus, this is my Halloween post here on the blog, and as a band in the "horror punk genre", the Misfits felt like a good fit for today.

Here's my first custom take on the "Historic Concerts (Posters)" subset design we'll see later in the set.
As I mentioned in the previous post, I was personally never much of a punk rocker, but still enjoyed a handful of punk bands. The Misfits were a band I was aware of-- that creepy logo was frequently seen on patches sewn onto jackets and backpacks of punkers in high school-- but I didn't really check them out for myself until well into my 20s.

Misfits - "Where Eagles Dare"

If you care to dig into the history of the Misfits, I'd point you to their Wikipedia entry, but I'm not the guy to ask for details. But I can tell you they originally formed in New Jersey and were active 1977–1983. Then after a period of inactivity and legal spats, the band was resurrected in 1995 without Danzig (who drifted away from punk and towards metal for his subsequent albums-- I'll have to take a closer look at his solo career in a future post). Misfits fans are generally much less enthusiastic about this later version of the band, but I suppose that's to be expected. In 2016, Danzig reconciled with the other guys and "The Original Misfits" reformed and did some touring. I think they're still doing shows together as of 2019.

Misfits 1991 MusiCards-That-Never-Were (vers. 2)
Since the first Misfits custom I whipped up features the early incarnation of the band, I figured I'd also do one with a more recent photo.

Misfits - Desert Island Disc
  1. Last Caress
  2. Angelfuck
  3. All Hell Breaks Loose
  4. Attitude
  5. Where Eagles Dare
  6. Come Back
  7. Children in Heat
  8. Halloween
  9. Teenagers From Mars
  10. I Turned Into a Martian
  11. Hatebreeders
  12. Violent World
  13. Astro Zombies
  14. Dig Up Her Bones
  15. Fiend Without a Face
  16. The Forbidden Zone
  17. Dust to Dust
  18. Descending Angel
  19. Fiend Club
  20. Helena

Tracks 1-13 are from the classic-lineup run, while this hypothetical compilation is rounded out by a few later (non-Danzig) tracks, 14-20. These are just my personal picks, likely to upset any diehard Misfits fan, but hey, it's my blog. lol

Misfits - "Helena"

Any of you readers into the Misfits?
In any case, hope you have a Happy Halloween.


  1. Haven't listened to them in years... but I went through a phase where my friends and I were into the Misfits back in the day.

  2. Danzig? Of Aqua Teen Hunger Force fame? Learn something new every day.