MusiCards Wantlist

Here's my wantlist for 1991 MusiCards (and other music cards). See also my main baseball card wantlist at Baseball Card Breakdown.

Last updated: fall 2022.

Some background info: Back when I started this 1991 MusiCards Blog, I set out working on a "Master Set" of MusiCards, which I count as every base card (1-340), plus all the variations, plus the UK edition, plus the hologram insert. And for a "Master Set Plus" or whatever you want to call it, there are lots of promos and other rare cards to try tracking down. [There's also the Yo! MTV Raps set (with both a Series 1 and somewhat tougher Series 2), which you can totally count as MusiCards if you want.] After completing a master set, I ended up nearly putting together a second master set mostly utilizing my many dupes. And then Padrographs Rod dropped another almost-complete master set on me, so I decided to expand my goal to 3 master sets.

MusiCards Master Set #3 needs:

UK Edition: 123 Phillip Schofield
NNO MusiCards hologram

MusiCards Master Set+ #2 needs:

Early promos with alt. design: 2 Lita Ford, 5b Madonna (corrected last name ["Ciccone"] on back)
Unnumbered promos, look similar to base cards but with alt. font in logo: George Michael, Janet Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Lita Ford, Living Colour, M.C. Hammer, Nelson, Tina Turner
NNO Box Bottom Insert - Time to re-order (from UK Edition box)
Yo! MTV Raps hologram (Really, I'm always in the market to trade generously for any MusiCard hologram if you happen to have one available, be it the Super Stars one or the rap one, or hell even the Pro Set football ones.)
(Also need the below stuff.)

MusiCards Master Set+ #1 needs: (Mostly rare promo stuff that you don't see often)

NNO Promo Pack Header ("On Sale Now")
NNO Pro Set MusiCards Collector Files binder ad (UK)
NNO Borden's Promo Pack Header (Fairy God Dude poster offer)("free with purchase of 2 Borden snacks")
NNO Diamond Comic Distributors promo card
NNO 10¢ Coupon with Pink Spots (not the more common yellow spots)
NNO Yo! MTV Raps (Series 1) Be an Instant Winner (red) [this is pretty common, but I need another]
NNO Yo! MTV Raps (Series 2) Instant Win Game (green/purple)

Other stuff maybe worth mentioning:

According to the Instant Win cards, there were 10 autographed (and framed) Yo! MTV Raps MusiCards available as first place in that contest (behind the Grand Prize which was a trip to NYC to watch the show taped live). I'm not sure if these cards featured a special design or were just base cards from the set that were signed. And I'm unsure which ten artists were included. If there are actually any of these certified auto cards "out there", I'd be interested in them (at least seeing pictures of them, even if you want to hold onto them, which is totally cool.)

And I've seen claims online (perhaps confused or purposely misleading) that there are variations of the hologram cards (different colors other than the standard "green"), though I'm skeptical of that. If anyone has a MusiCard hologram variation, I'd be very interested in seeing it.

There's also a purported third variation of #15 John Lennon-- logo at bottom right; left hand raised-- but it's now generally accepted that this variation never existed and was all a mix-up on TCDB. A similar third variation for #43 Debbie Gibson has been reported on the site, though it's been debunked as an error by a TCDB contributor uploading the wrong back image. The only other supposed "third variation" I'm aware of is the infamous #166 Dread Zeppelin card that originally showed an exposed pink nad, and has a variation with green shorts artificially edited onto the photo over the offending body part. There may exist a 3rd variant with lightened skin tone (that is, a less-pink nad), though this needs confirmation. So yeah, please get in touch if you've got proof of any MusiCard that you believe has 3 different variations (not counting random printing errors) or any other variation not currently listed at TCDB, as I love digging up new cards I need for this set.

And then there's the branded "MusiCards Collector Files" binders (one regular size and a smaller one for dupes, apparently). Anybody have one available? I'd at least like to see a photo of this.

And as for all those "10¢ Coupon" insert cards? Those were good toward purchases from the Pro Set Gazette, a free magazine/catalog thing you could send in for (published 2 or 4 times a year) and use to order stuff like band shirts and posters (as well as other Pro Set related goods, such as NFL and NHL stuff). Not sure if there were specifically branded MusiCards items available (other than probably the binders they always seemed to be pushing), or more likely were simply regular merchandise from the musical artists that Pro Set was offering as a reseller. But figured I'd mention them along with the other rare MusiCards stuff here. Please let me know if you can shed light on the matter. Most of the promo MusiCards likely entered the market as bonuses included with issues of the Pro Set Gazette.

Other music card wants of mine:

- 7-Eleven lenticular disc set from 1984 set [11 discs total] (I already have the 1985 set)

- I'll probably add more stuff to this list as I think of it. Chances are I'd be down to trade for any other music cards.. especially older ones like from the 60s (Beatles? Monkees?) and 70s (Donruss stuff?).

I already have complete sets of 1991 Brockum cards (including variations plus Axl Rose promo card), 2013 Panini Beach Boys (I have a few insert needs logged at TCDB), and 1993 Collect-A-Card American Bandstand.

I have lots of MusiCards to trade from Series 1, Series 2, and the UK edition.. so just let me know if you have any MusiCards needs. Some of my printed-out customs are available too, and I could possibly be persuaded to make new custom cards for the right offer (I don't sell, though, only trade).

Just let me know what you've got to trade and what you're interested in and let's work out a deal!