Thursday, November 30, 2023

#74-78 George Michael

George Michael has 5 cards in series 1 of 1991 Pro Set MusiCards, and we'll be taking a look at them in this post. He's also got one card in the UK edition and a promo card ("different font" type).

Here's a pleasant enough shot of George deep in thought whilst inside on a sunny day, perhaps longing to be out on the pitch kicking around the football with the fellas, but alas he's got a photoshoot to pose for. This same photo is used less successfully on his card in the UK edition, with the logo moved down to the opposite corner and the cropping covering some of his hair.

There's a new Wham! documentary on Netflix that's supposed to be pretty good. I've been meaning to check it out.

Pro Set must have designed this one to also work as a relic or autograph card. LOL, JK
But no, really, that would look great with a big metallic ink signature on the left, right?

Back photo is from the same "brick wall" shoot but with a little less smile.

George Michael - "Careless Whisper"

This pic with the guitar is the same as the unnumbered promo card.

Gotta admit I'm rushing through writing this post late in the day here on November 30th in order to keep my string of monthly posting intact.

His arms look rather hairy on this one. 

George Michael - "Monkey"

I had Faith on a cassette I dubbed from my aunt sometime around 1989. I still really enjoy several songs on that one. My mom got Listen Without Prejudice back then as a Columbia House CD, and I think I played it more than she did through the 90s, though really only "Freedom '90" and "Praying For Time" clicked with me.

George Michael - "Praying For Time"

If this one wasn't labeled as George Michael, it might've taken me a minute to figure out who was pictured. Looks kinda like Jim from The Office here.

This back photo looks like a mugshot from that earlier "hairy arms" photoshoot. 

George Michael's last few chapters took a sour turn and he had his share of controversy and scandal. Sucks that he had to go through what he did and tragically died before his time.

But yeah, quality singer with an impressive catalog. Any George Michael favorite tunes you wanna mention or stories to share? Much thanks as always.


  1. I think my favorite of his is "Freedom"--the Wham! song, not the solo one of the same name. Also "Heal The Pain"--the version with Paul McCartney is a gem!

  2. I did like George Michael's catchy solo stuff off 'Faith," I bought the cassette like probably everyone did. I really liked "A Different Corner" back then, though listening to it now it seems kind of dated.

  3. This time of year, whenever people debate if "Die Hard" is a Christmas movie, I like to throw people off-track and proclaim that "Last Christmas" isn't a Christmas song. (Other than the "Christmas" in the title/refrain, there isn't anything pertaining to the holiday in the lyrics. You could replace the word Christmas with any other holiday, and it would still work.)

  4. This is an incredible set that is so underrated.

    There is a sneaking good movie starring Hugh Grant who kind of plays Andrew Rigdeley - The not so famous guy in a broken up 2 man group - who makes a comeback - which is pure fiction because I don't think Ridgeley ever did anything after WHAM

  5. I like a lot of the Wham stuff, but didn't much care for most of his solo work. Also, I might be one of the few people who will still go out of their way to hear "Careless Whisper". I don't care what anyone says, it's still a good song.

  6. I owned Make It Big when I was a kid... and after skipping through the album on Spotify... I actually recognized most of the songs. Must have listened to it a lot back then, because the only time I listen to GM or Wham is when it comes on the radio. Can't say I'm a huge fan now, but I like Careless Whisper. I'm pretty sure Freedom was my favorite song of theirs when I was younger.